Ants in the Big Onion

In the raging metropolis of Meyerton, a small group of South Africans cluster around a B&B, splashing in the deep end of the new South Africa. May used to be the maid, but now she's in business with her former madam, Annica. Together they run the Fox 'n Zulu where its riotous guests have to learn to adapt to all the excitements of the times: love affairs across every taboo, the neighbourhood brothelkeeper at breakfast, Harry's shebeen and a lonely snake. Ants in the Big Onion is enough to taunt every cultural perception and strain even the most enduring friendship, but all visitors check in for a bakkieload of laughs.

Ants in the Big Onion by Annica Foxcroft is a long awaited third instalment to the Ants series. If you haven’t yet heard of them, "where have you been?"- thebookclubblog
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There are Ants in my Sugar

Annica Foxcroft's first published novel is a scream. It's the story of an educated young woman, married to an elderly eccentric and impecunious inventor who attempts life as "ma-plotters"

There are Ants in My Sugar is the warm hearted, engaging, and humorous account of Annica Foxcroft's exile to a pondokkie in the country when unexpected financial hardship overtook her family during the 1960s. Read more

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More Ants!

In More Ants! new and engaging characters appear with quirky unexpectedness. They, irresistibly, draw us deeper into the South Africa of the 60's, to the rural backwaters where forbidden romance, intrigue, robberies and shootings are daily staples. Read more

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